The real network effect

From finding the right people, to creating partnerships, to sales and fundraising: a strong network is one of the biggest advantages one can have. A few thoughts on how this comes to life in the Israeli eco-system and how new players can still participate in the game.

  1. Let’s state the obvious first. The tech eco-system in Israel, including some of the best companies and most promising founders, is based on the network of alumni of a few specific arms of the intelligence forces of IDF. If you were lucky (and talented) enough to be in one of those places, you know successful founders, investors, developers. You know how to talk the talk and if you try you’ll be able to walk the walk. Your personal, immediate network, is enough to start 3 companies and this in turn creates confidence and inspire risk taking. If you were never in this group, you might be related by blood or shared background to other networks. This is good and can be made great. If you do not have that, you lack the proper network, and the sooner you face it the better.

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